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Dutch Benefits Benchmark report 2023

We (YourCampus, Figures, 7People) have created the most complete and current benefits overview for the Netherlands. Now we want you to benchmark your benefits. 


In November of 2022, we sent out a survey to our network, as we wanted to create a report that would cover provided benefits across as many different companies as we could possibly gather. We also wanted to see why, and how. And we even added some extra insights for 2023. You can download the report via the button below.  Time to get inspired!

Read about the report
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A complete overview

With the report, you get a unique insight into what other companies are doing in terms of benefits. Benchmarking your benefits package can be extremely helpful, as we believe providing the right

additional benefits can help you stand out within the job market! 


We collected data on the following topics:

  • Financial benefits

  • Wellbeing benefits

  • Parental benefits

  • Learning & Development

  • Benefits for working remotely & flexibility

  • Leave-related benefits

  • Mobility benefits

  • Benefit communication

Find out how other employers

utilize benefits

Check which categories are underrepresented and how you can become a stand-out employer. Think critically about how you present and communicate your current benefits and whether you choose flexibility over a one-size-fits-all solution. 


We hope you can benchmark yourself with regard to your benefits package, or feel inspired by the possibilities in the world of compensation. Whether you want to take in the complete report from the first page to the last, or scan it for the best practices, is something we leave up to you.


Enjoy the read!

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